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Are you ready to take your website hosting to the next level and boost your online presence? With 1MB Pro, you can host more sites and benefit from some of our more powerful features.

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Do you want your website to stand out and be the star of the show? Say goodbye to the distracting "Powered by 1MB" banner ad, and give your site a professional upgrade by using your very own custom domain. Let your content take center stage without any interruptions.

Say Hello to Emby

Emby is an advanced AI-based assistant that simplifies coding and writing tasks for you. With Emby's exceptional natural language processing abilities, you can effortlessly transform your thoughts into written code and text. Moreover, Emby provides a completely hands-free experience using voice commands.

When you sign up for any of our Pro plans on an annual basis, you'll enjoy a bonus of 2 months for free!

Free Plan


Host 1 Site

1 GB Storage

10 GB Monthly Bandwidth

50,000 Monthly Emby Tokens


$9 / month

Host 10 Sites

10 GB Storage

100 GB Monthly Bandwidth

500,000 Monthly Emby Tokens


$19 / month

Host 25 Sites

25 GB Storage

250 GB Monthly Bandwidth

1,000,000 Monthly Emby Tokens


$49 / month

Host 50 Sites

50 GB Storage

500 GB Monthly Bandwidth

2,000,000 Monthly Emby Tokens


$99 / month

Host 100 Sites

100 GB Storage

1 TB Monthly Bandwidth

4,000,000 Monthly Emby Tokens


$199 / month

Host 250 Sites

250 GB Storage

2.5 TB Monthly Bandwidth

8,000,000 Monthly Emby Tokens

Custom Plan
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1MB has been online for over 5 years with 99.9% uptime!

Click the link above if you don't believe us. You can rest easy knowing your sites will always load fast and be online. As an added bonus if you add a custom domain to your site you'll benefit from the 1MB CDN which will not only make your site load faster, but continue to serve your site in the unlikely event 1MB ever experiences downtime.

Emby Tokens are like puzzle pieces used to understand and process language. For English text, one token is about 4 characters or 0.75 words. To give you an idea, the works of Shakespeare have about 900,000 words or 1.2 million tokens.