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Your Code Editor Has Evolved.

1MB features a powerful code editor that you can access directly in your browser. You can deploy to our production-ready website hosting directly from the editor.

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Leaving the house?

Close your browser window if you want. Don't even hit save unless you're ready to deploy your code to your site. We already saved your coding session for you in the cloud. No matter what device you log in on all the same open tabs will be there.

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Website hosting shouldn't be a hassle.

Our cloud panel makes managing your account and all of your sites super easy. From adding custom domains to installing SSL. Your site will be up and running in minutes if not sooner.

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Adding a custom domain and installing SSL is so easy.

If you don't want to use a free 1mb.site subdomain you can add your own custom domain instead. We will install SSL and automatically renew it for you in the future. It's as easy as pointing your DNS! We will do all the hard work for you.

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So what do people think?

Well.. to be honest people love us.

We have been featured on Product Hunt 3 Times.

1mbsite - Create and share a website under 1 megabyte with the world | Product Hunt Embed 1mbsite v2 - Free static hosting for websites 1 megabyte and under. | Product Hunt Embed 1MB v3 - Your code editor. In the cloud. | Product Hunt Embed

They really love us there.

1MB v3 - Your code editor. In the cloud. | Product Hunt Embed

Here is what our customers think.


We have a Pro plan to meet your needs.


25 GB Storage

Host 5 Sites

$25 a year


100 GB Storage

Host 20 Sites

$50 a year

You can learn more about 1MB Pro by clicking here.