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The Easy Way to Host
Your Website or Blog

Easily create a website or blog in just a few clicks.

Plans start at as low as $9 a year.

The Cloud for You

Customize and update your site from anywhere. Our cloud panel makes managing your account and all of your sites super easy. From adding custom domains to installing SSL. Your site will be up and running in minutes if not sooner.

1MB Cloud Panel

The only IDE that saves and syncs your code in the cloud

Keep developing on the go. 1MB's powerful code editor saves all of your coding sessions in the cloud, so that no matter where you are or what device you're on you'll be able to pick up right where you left off. All the same drafts and editor settings will be there waiting. Now that's what we call productivity.


Become a Blogger

Create your blog. Make it beautiful. Make it yours. Your personal space to tell your story, share your photos, or record what you love about life.

1MB Blog Post Editor

Custom Domains + SSL

Host your site on a custom domain name of your choice with just one click. Plus, we'll keep it secure with HTTPS out of the box at no additional cost.

1MB SSL Process


Plans start at as low as $9 a year.