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Create and manage your site no matter what device you're on. You can get started completely free of charge.

What is 1MB?

1MB is on a mission to empower all developers to get their websites online. When you log in you're given access to an intuitive code editor directly in your browser, and yes it works on mobile! No knowledge of setting up a web server is necessary, but if you are an advanced developer we do have some other cool ways to deploy to your site if you keep reading.

Many ways to get your idea online.

You can use our code editor in your browser to deploy to your site, or you can use the API or your command line. Click here if you want to read our API documentation.

Add your domain and automatically have SSL installed.

This functionality is only available to Pro members.

When you add your domain you get your very own CDN. It caches your site's content for 5 minutes, and continues to serve your site even if 1MB experiences downtime. We use Let's Encrypt to install and continually renew your site's SSL certificate.

Instant Apps

With the click of a button you can install a dynamic application on your site. Such as a chatting app or forum app. You can edit any part of the code you want so that the application fits your exact needs.

Use one of our NoSQL databases.

We have created our very own NoSQL database engine that's accessible using nothing other than JavaScript. With advanced permissions, the ability to enforce what type of data gets added, and even the ability to get the logged in 1MB username you can easily create a dynamic application.



  • 1 MB of Storage

  • Host 1 Website

  • --

  • --

  • --



  • 50 GB of Storage

  • Host 5 Websites

  • Add Custom Domains

  • Upload Images

  • Share Access To Sites



  • 100 GB of Storage

  • Host 15 Websites

  • Add Custom Domains

  • Upload Images

  • Share Access To Sites


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